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Twelve teams and 14 companies participated in the 10-day challenge to use Alexa and her voice-activated technology to reimagine how consumers interact with their payments and financial services solutions providers

Everyday life is all about convenience and with the advent of Mobile applications things have never been easier.. Or have they? Too many passwords , too many user id’s and so many applications have made it confusing to do simple tasks like transfer money to your kids or check a balance , especially when you are in the kitchen trying to make meal. Behold the future. Simply tell your Bank or Credit Union what you want to do and the skill will make it happen securely and easily.
Prescription abandonment and non-adherence is a challenging medical and economic problem facing our healthcare system today with annual costs of approximately $300 billion. DaVincian Rx introduces a prescription assistant skill to Amazon’s Alexa, helping people stay on track with medication awareness, daily dose reminders, adherence reports, new prescription and refill alerts, and innovative, convenient payment and delivery options.
Discover is a leading direct bank and payments company, and as such, is always looking for ways to move the industry forward. The company is constantly exploring new technologies to help enrich our customers’ lives. As the industry evolves around digital and mobile platforms, the Alexa Challenge provided us with the opportunity to showcase our innovative thinking, especially ways to potentially enhance our award-winning customer service in the future.
Exa is making common spaces smarter through voice automation on Amazon Alexa. This video demonstrates a skill built for WeWork - a leading serviced office provider - that facilitates engagement with the services provided at its location in Times Square. Exa is developing similar voice automation software for other serviced offices, hotels, hospitals, and various common spaces.
Powered by Zipscene’s consumer dining data, Feasty will deliver access to dining deals based on individual consumer preferences
Using Alexa to provide consumers with relevant and timely guidance to better inform their financial decisions
Life moves fast and people want banking and payments experiences that are in step with the way they live and work. With Alexa, Fiserv is advancing money management and movement at the point of thought. It’s financial services at the speed of life.
We love using Alexa at home, now ONVOCAL and PEOPLE POWER have enabled Alexa services on-the-go. Control appliances, security, senior care services, music and calls, and use voice print authentication to secure transactions and commands from anywhere life takes you.
USAA serves the military community by providing the best financial products and services.  Our focus is to continuously innovate in order to provide our members with the world class experiences and the Alexa Challenge gave us the opportunity to do just that. Through Amazon Echo we enhanced the experience for our savings and brokerage services in a meaningful and convenient way that helps improve our members lives.
The Vauction recipe....something old (auctions), something new (Alexa), a dash of hard work, and a sprinkle of innovation. Mix, bake, and serve up a Vantiv powered commerce explosion!
Forgot to order those chocolates? Missing out on great deals? Alexa and Visa to the rescue! Taking voice commerce to the next level through Visa Checkout and Visa Offers.
Reinventing how people send money to their loved ones
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