BizVibe is Making Sourcing from China Easier

When choosing where to source products from, China is one of the
first locations that comes to mind. China offers companies looking to
source goods a variety of benefits which is why the BizVibe
has put an increased emphasis in helping companies find
the right overseas partners from countries like China.

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Benefits to sourcing from China. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Benefits to sourcing from China. (Graphic: Business Wire)

BizVibe is home to millions of global businesses including nearly
150,000 from China
, and uses machine learning tools and several
sophisticated algorithms to match companies with like-minded partners. Register
to connect with over seven million companies around the
globe, including those in China and take advantage of the sourcing
benefits provided from these countries.

How Sourcing From China Can Help Your Business

Labor costs

One of the country’s main draws: the cost of labor is
substantially lower than in western countries. Depending on how
labor-intensive the product is, the cost can range from 30% to 80%
cheaper. Outsourcing also means not needing to invest in training or
equipment for new employees, which also saves time and money. While
labor costs in the country have risen in recent years, they still
present significant savings.

Natural resources

China has an abundance of resources such as steel, aluminum, and rubber.
These resources are also cheap, which can further reduce costs compare
to manufacturing in other locations. The country has developed a strong
industrial base, allowing it to offer affordable materials as well as
expertise in working with them.


Despite the general impression of Chinese goods being inferior, there
are many factories capable of doing high-quality work. It may require
some investigation to find one that is the right fit, but it is
absolutely possible to produce well-made products in the country. The
type of product is also an important consideration, however:
low-complexity goods such as textiles may be easier to make well than
electronics are. As in any endeavor, research is essential to finding a
reliable business partner.

Exposure to new markets

Working with Chinese manufacturers can provide more familiarity with
that market, leading to greater expertise in foreign markets and to more
business opportunities. China can also be a gateway into the greater
Asian market, which is growing immensely. Entering new markets in this
region can grow one’s business substantially.

BizVibe is home to over 7
million companies
, across 200+ countries, covering all sectors.
The BizVibe platform allows you to discover the highest quality leads
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About BizVibe

BizVibe is home to over seven million company profiles across 700+
industries. The single minded focus of BizVibe’s platform is to make
networking easier. Over the years, we’ve searched far and wide to figure
out how businesses connect and enable trade. That first interaction is
usually fraught with the uncertainty of finding a potential partner vs.
a potential nightmare. With this in mind, we’ve designed a robust set of
tools to help companies generate leads, shortlist prospects, network
with businesses from around the world and trade seamlessly.

BizVibe is headquartered in Toronto, and has offices in London,
Bangalore and Beijing. For more information on the BizVibe network,
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