Procera Networks Selects Northforge Innovations to Provide Software Development Services

Innovations, Inc.
, an expert software consulting and development
company, today announced that Procera
Networks, Inc.
, the global subscriber experience company, has
selected Northforge for an Authorized Development Collaborator for its
Pro-ID family of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Engines that provide
application recognition for OEMs.

Northforge Innovations will be working with Procera Networks on its
Network Application Visibility Library (NAVL), a next-generation DPI
software engine that uses a combination of deep packet and deep flow
inspection techniques to accurately identify today’s most common
applications including Mobile, Social Networking, P2P, Instant
Messaging, File Sharing, Enterprise and Web 2.0 applications.

With offices in Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, and Israel,
Northforge Innovations gives Procera Network a software development
collaborator in compatible time zones, language and work culture, making
it easier for Procera’s engineering and sales teams in the U.S. and
Sweden to communicate and develop high quality software development.

“Not only have we had positive prior experience with Northforge
Innovations, we selected Northforge because they have experience in
NAVL, high performance packet processing, and in the OEM products that
use NAVL,” said Lyndon Cantor, CEO of Procera Networks. “For us, good
proximity to our sales teams and customers, plus the Sweden and U.S.
engineering teams is key to supporting the market needs. Northforge’s
technology expertise in packet processing gives them the ability to
support the engineering team and customer as needed.”

“We’re looking forward to growing our relationship and partnership with
Procera Networks as their software development and engineering support
for their Pro-ID (NAVL) family of products,” said Brenda Pastorek,
president and chief operating officer of Northforge Innovations. “Our
expertise in their NAVL technology, our years of overall industry
experience and the close location to our strong team makes us the
perfect match for Procera Networks.”

About Northforge Innovations

Northforge Innovations is an expert software consulting and development
company focused on advancing the speed, security, and intelligence of
the communications infrastructure. We help customers bring innovation
and quality to their network infrastructure and network security
products and services. For more information, visit

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