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Intelligence of Things – may 2017

The® Intelligence of Things Tracker showcases 179 top companies that are leading the way in all aspects of IoT.

Every month, we take a look at what these companies are doing across the ecosystem and in several categories including Personal, Home, Retail, Transportation, Wearable, Mobile, Infrastructure, Data and more.


Profiles of 179 companies, including 10 new players.

A conversation with Yoon Lee, SVP of Samsung Electronics America, about the company’s latest IoT-enabled appliances.


may 2017


70 percent of global retailers plan to invest in IoT technologies to improve customer experience.
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march 2017


Global on-street smart parking spaces expected to reach 1.1 million by 2026, report finds.
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February 2017


The IoT insurance
market is expected to
grow to a market size
of $42.76 million by
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January 2017


FTC seeks public’s help on
IoT security, offers $25K
cash prize.
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December 2016


GE expects software and services business to reach $6B in sales in 2016.
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november 2016


Qualcomm, Inc. announced it will purchase NXP in a deal estimated to be worth $47 billion.
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october 2016


Study finds 95 percent of South Africans prefer smartphones over other devices.
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september 2016


Free IoT Network launched in Australia can support up to 1,000 mobile devices.
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august 2016


Verizon expands IoT portfolio, acquires Fleetmatics for $2.4 billion.
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july 2016


IoT platform Ayla received $39 million in C round funding.
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june 2016


IoT Gateways have an expected compound annual growth rate of over 130% between 2015 and 2020.
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may 2016


(million) smartphones were shipped internationally during Q1 2016.
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april 2016


million people in China use Baidu’s services.
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march 2016


of businesses are either midway through or strongly considering IoT implementation projects.
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february 2016


IBM is dedicating 2,500 developers worldwide to help clients with data-based IoT initiatives
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of the surveyed considered security and privacy as potential obstacles in the way of adopting IoT technology.

January 2016 (NYE)


(BILLION) Gartner estimates there will be 26 billion IoT devices by 2020. Cisco estimates 50 billion.
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