David S. Evans

David S. Evans has been a business advisor to many payment companies around the world. He is the author of Paying with Plastic: The Digital Revolution in Buying and Borrowing which is the definitive source on the payments industry.  His more recent work is “Innovation and Payments” which describes the how the combination of data-driven marketing, cloud-based computing, and mobile telephony will transform the payments industry.

David is an economist, business advisor and a recognized global authority on the design and implementation of complex business strategies and business models. He has more than 25 years of experience helping companies worldwide design business strategies in multi-sided markets to overcome the “chicken and egg” problem of getting multiple customer groups on board the same platform at the same time. He is the author of Catalyst Code: The Strategies Behind the World’s Most Dynamic Companies and Invisible Engines: How Software Platforms Drive Innovation and Transform Industries, which won the award for best business book of 2006 from the Association of American Publishers as well as more than 100 articles.

David is the founder of Market Platform Dynamics, a boutique consulting firm that helps businesses leverage economics and quantitative methods for growth and profit. David teaches part time at the University of Chicago where he is a Lecturer and at the University College London where he is a Visiting Professor and Executive Director of The Jevons Institute for Competition Law and Economics. He has a Ph.D. and undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Chicago. He also serves on the boards of several high-technology companies and is a longtime advisor to some of the largest platform-based companies in the world.

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