SoundOff: Facebook Commerce

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3:34 PM EDT February 27th, 2012’s “SoundOff” is the industry’s views on key topics, according to some of its key players.

This week’s chatter is all about Facebook commerce… success or failure? You decide!

Facebook facilitates billions in sales through plugins and its API. Over time Facebook will improve its own commerce platform and be a major shopping destination.

Sellers need an agile social platform to supply unique experiences to influence buy/shares; just enabling shopping has low incremental value.

Brands with “real” fans (e.g. bands and sport teams) sell more. Fans don’t like to install apps, offer them a frictionless shopping experience.

F-commerce is the next step in eCommerce evolution! We already see amazing ROI on Facebook. Key is in engagement tools, fan discounts and promotions.

Facebook storefronts are here to stay. They offer a great way to engage customers, showcase new items, and generate leads to an original e-commerce site.

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