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7:00 AM EST July 15th, 2014

When Diebold CEO Andy W. Mattes took on Diebold’s executive role in early 2013, he faced a company with expensive plans, a recently fizzled building project and a massive need for what he called a big “kickstart.”

After taking over, Mattes introduced a program last fall dubbed “crawl, walk, run.”

According to Mattes, the company needed a rebuilding process to strengthen its foundation, and over the last year under Mr. Mattes leadership, Diebold has rebuilt its company’s foundation.

The Company has invested $100 million this year to upgrade systems and operations—funding that has largely come from saving programs within the business. The company has also seen internal technological innovations that have brought all back-office operations on the same page globally.

“It’s invigorating to see that what started out as a chart is turning into activity, which is turning into things that we can measure,” he said to Canton Rep.

The new direction has also required that Diebold leave some ventures behind.  Diebold has recently sold its check-imaging subsidiary Diebold Eras Inc., to Los Angeles-based CheckAlt.

The back-office check-imagine subsidiary was not central to Diebold’s business and was officially sold off to CheckAlt in early June—though the financial details of the deal have yet to be disclosed.

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