How Flint Simplifies Mobile Solutions

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While most credit card readers from companies like Square and Paypal struggle with mobile compatibility issues, Flint mobile created a solution that eliminated the very hardware other companies have been marketing so far.

In 2012, Flint mobile introduced a simple solution that allowed retailers charge their customers by capturing photographs of credit cards or manually typing the numbers in its iOS or Android app.

Though the idea of letting a vendor capture credit cards image might seem precarious to most customers, Flint mobile is finding a niche market of retailers that are willing to take the risk for the convenience it offers.

One such company is Sonoma Forge, a plumbing and sink design company in Petaluma, California that provides for other companies like PF Chang’s and MGM Grand.

“We are a small business but tend to have very high credit-card transactions and companies tend to require a lot of things to set up with high limits,” said Sonoma Forge Vice President Chris Rosano.

The company reportedly picked up the technology for its ease of use, on-spot service and simple fee structure.

The app protects its transactions and customers by encrypting the details using the PCI DSS guidelines and by not saving any credit card information. It charges 1.95 percent on debit card transactions and 2.95 percent on credit cards without any monthly subscription fee.

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