Snap Developing Augmented Reality Wearable Glasses


Following up on its venture into wearables last year, Snap has reportedly been working on a sequel to its video-enabled Spectacles glasses. While this rumor has not been confirmed yet, many are speculating about it because of Snap’s latest augmented reality–focused patent filing.

We already know that Snap seeks to innovate with the camera and claims to have changed the social media user experience. What makes this new development different is the fact that Snap is working to incorporate an augmented reality aspect to this new offering.

Everything about this new wearable is under tight wraps as very few of its 1,800 member staff are in the product details loop. As with most second-generation software products, there will likely be significant steps to advance the Spectacles offering to open up new avenues.

While augmented reality has certainly proved to be a success for apps like Pokemon Go, this type of eyewear will likely be the first of its kind to hit the market. If successful, this has the potential to help shape the future of real-world experiences.