Retailers And Consumers Part Ways Over In-Store Tracking

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6:03 AM EDT March 25th, 2014

Omnichannel retail is very popular with business. Customers, by contrast, are far less excited.

By allowing retailers to connect to customers’ smartphones while they shop in real-time, brick-and-mortar stores are able to gather the types of customer data that until now was only available to online shops.

Customers on the other hand, are suspicious and concerned about latest innovation in retail marketing.  According to a new survey by Opinion Labs, 81 percent of consumers don’t trust companies to keep the data they gather safe and secure, while 77 percent say they find in-store tracking unacceptable.

The survey also revealed that 63 percent would opt out of in-store tracking, even at their favorite stores.

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  • Ed Boyle

    Aint that a shop-kick in the head?

  • REM

    In store is very new and consumers have not experience the benefits. For more than 10 years, all new technologies require that the provider neogiate with the consumer on benefit of opt-in vs privacy risk. Once in use and benefits are experienced I expect much less resistance.

  • Rusty Palmer

    What is the adopter curve? lol there will be people who denie that the tracking is happening who choose to not opt in and still get tracked without their knowledge.. It is silly to think that consumers have an Opt in in the first place with many of the systems in place.

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