Cashless Conversations Take Over Twitter

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4:58 PM EDT December 27th, 2012

Here are our top five tweets from the week that was. Keep tweeting, and we may feature you next Friday.

@dgwbirch: Apple will/ will not (* delete where applicable) include NFC in next model via @pymnts: Evidence Mounts For NFC

Wait, Dave, are you insinuating you’re a little tired of all the iPhone NFC speculation? We feel you, but given the potential ramifications an NFC-enabled iPhone could unleash on mobile payments, we feel compelled to pass along these tidbits anyway. Don’t worry, though: if the 5S ends up without NFC, everyone will probably wait a whole week or two before speculating on the iPhone 6!

Read the original tweet here.

@kenzomiwa: Spent some time in Uppsala in 2010; they should pull this off. “@pymnts: Swedish City Aims For #Cashless Conversion”

We thank Matt for reaching out to us and letting us know about his first hand experience in Uppsala, a Swedish city looking to decrease its crime rate by transitions to a cashless society. We broke down some of the cool payments procedures you can see in Uppsala here, and we have every intention of checking up with the fine citizens there in a few months to learn of any updates. The city’s size and demographics make it a great candidate for success, and we wish them all the best.

Read the original tweet here

@PeterJColbert: “@pymnts: A version of a holiday classic: ‘Twas The Swipe Before Payment” – classic!

Thanks to Peter and everyone else who shared or commented on our take of Christmas’ most famous poem. It was fun to write, and it helped us get in the holiday spirit. Just consider yourselves lucky we never got off the ground with “I Saw Mommy Swiping Credit Cards.”

Read the original tweet here.

@ejboyl: He is solid. RT @pymnts #AmEx CEO Kenneth Chenault Rumored For Treasury Post

It’s hard to give someone a ringing endorsement on Twitter given the character limit, so we appreciate Ed Boyle’s word of praise for Chenault, who appears to be in the running for next Treasury secretary. We learned last week that White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew is likely still the front-runner, but it’d certainly be interested to see someone from one of the major networks reach such a high position.  

Read the original tweet here.

@robdelaney: If you’ve ever “scanned” a “QR code,” I don’t even know what to say to you.

No additional commentary needed here: this was just funny.

Read the original tweet here.

Have a good weekend, and happy tweeting!

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