ZenCash Launches a New Consumer Payment Management Service

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7:21 PM EDT February 27th, 2012

ZenCash, a new cloud-based invoicing and collections service, launched today, TechCrunch reports. The service works with invoicing applications like QuickBooks, Clio, Freshbooks, and Harvest out of the box, and offers automated payment reminder deliveries and overdue notifications.

CEO Brandon Cotter has invested $500,000 in his own company, and is working with a team of eight to deploy the service. Tech Wildcatters, a Dallas-based seed accelerator program helping ZenCash along,says the young company addresses “a complete disconnect between thinking about building a business and then thinking about, very much at the later stage, actually collecting a check.”

ZenCash does not require set-up fees, and charges its customers only for the specific services they use. Today’s launch is limited to the U.S., and no plans for international expansion have yet been announced.

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