Payments Outsourcing: A New Operating Model

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3:21 PM EDT February 7th, 2013

Accenture Payments Transformation Series

Across the global banking industry, the payments landscape is being transformed by rapid advances in technology, profound shifts in consumer demand, and increasing regulation. Banks are also facing growing pressure to become more cost-effective and transparent, at a time when many banks’ return on equity (RoE) has shrunk from double digits to low single digits. Even banks in Asia — buoyed by strong trade flows or national economic growth — are increasingly aware of the need to improve RoE. In response, major banks worldwide are reviewing how they source and manage payments, and more and more are considering outsourcing. Proven benefits include an improved focus on core competencies, clients and products, together with balance sheet improvements through reduced costs. 

Three reasons why outsourcing should be a key part of your bank’s transformation

In general, outsourcing enables a bank to benefit from the outsourcer’s:

  • Economies of scale—meaning a multi-bank operation is desirable.

  • Economies of skill—tapping into proven, industry-leading specialist expertise and experience.

  • Roadmap and ability to invest—to keep up with regulation and the market, thus enabling the bank to avoid continual multiyear investments.

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