Wincor Nixdorf, eServGlobal Unveil ATM-Mobile Solution For Underbanked

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5:37 PM EST February 26th, 2013

Mobile money solutions allow people without bank accounts to carry out financial transactions using a mobile phone. A study by McKinsey reveals that 360 million people worldwide already use mobile money accounts. According to the GSMA, the global association of mobile operators, there are now 264,000 mobile money agents worldwide offering services such as loading credit on mobile devices, accepting, transferring or dispensing money or settling bills.

Wincor Nixdorf and eServGlobal, one of the world’s leading mobile money specialists, will use the Mobile World Congress as a stage to showcase new and extended concepts which enable consumers with no access to a bank account to use their mobile phone to deposit, withdraw or transfer money through ATMs.

Paolo Montessori, Chief Operating Officer, eServGlobal said, “The integration of ATMs is an important part of a comprehensive mobile money solution. The ATM solutions from Wincor Nixdorf shown at the MWC would be an asset to mobile money service providers worldwide. They provide an open and standardized interface to eServGlobal’s mobile money platform bringing advantages in terms of speed and security. eServGlobal will continue to work closely with Wincor Nixdorf to integrate its extensive ATM portfolio with our mobile money solutions.“

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