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November 11, 2013

This monthly report is designed to organize the mobile point of sale ecosystem, one that has emerged over the last several years as smartphones and tablets deliver new point of sale acceptance capabilities for all categories of merchants. This report provides an initial overview of those players who have entered this space, including a description of their capabilities, solution features and functions and customer and go to market priorities. This report organizes the ecosystem into two broad categories: those merchant-facing organizations who supply devices to merchants directly and those who “power” those players and supply them with the MPOS hardware, software, tools and services that helps merchant-facing organizations meet their customer needs.

The first MPOS Tracker debuted one year ago in October 2012, and it started with a simple idea: Assemble an ecosystem that is experiencing explosive growth and track its progress. We’ve come a long way since then. Our first mPOS Tracker featured 16 merchant-facing businesses, and a few familiar names like Square, Shopkeep and Groupon.

Today, that list looks a bit more crowded. Our latest Tracker features more than 80 players and counting. October 2013′s report features nine new additions to the MPOS Pyramid including Banco Sabadell, IVeri mPress, Leaf, Vwalaa! Mobile Pay, Punto, Estel, Aasaanpay, Mint and Payment Pebble.

Part of the reason for this sustained growth, the report shows, has been surging demand. Our latest Tracker indicates that 15 percent of businesses with annual revenue of less than $100,000 and 10 percent of mid-market companies currently use mPOS. But, this demand has been fueled by a market that is continually innovating its offerings. In 12 reports, we’ve traced the evolution of mPOS from basic dongles designs to fully integrated tablet solutions, which means merchants have more choices than ever.

More choices have in turn led to new use cases for mPOS. In 2012, you were likely to see the word “micro” in our mPOS reporting. Flash forward and “macro” might be a better term. Our latest Tracker highlights key statistics from the expanding ecosystem. For example, it reveals that Home Depot is now on pace to process 100,000 mPOS transactions per week.

For more insight into mPOS’ growth, as well as our five takeaways for October, download the October 2013 MPOS Tracker® report here. To share our research, download our latest infographic here.


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It is worth noting that this ecosystem is moving quickly and this report is by no means complete. Information about these players is available in varying degrees of completeness. Details about volumes and shipments – the information that everyone finds most valuable – is not publicly available. We plan to update this report on a monthly basis to include new entrants, and updates on the players profiled in the prior month’s report. We are also in the process of compiling and will report out aggregated information about shipments and volumes. We encourage you to contact us at if you would like to be included in this report and/or would like us to update your information as we have presented it.

October 2013 MPOS PYRAMID

Download the October MPOS Tracker® here.

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