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The Newest Dash Wand Makes The Whole World Amazon’s Showroom

Showrooming is about to go to a whole new level — thanks to the latest iteration of the Amazon Dash. Branching out past grocery, which had been the purview of the Dash wand before, Amazon-enthused customers can use their Dash wands to scan the barcode of any item and add it to their shopping cart.

Purchases still need to be completed on Amazon’s website or in Amazon’s app.

The stated purpose of the wand is offering to reorder a product or order an item that’s on the top of your mind while at home. Or if you’re out shopping, you can add something to your Amazon shopping cart to ship later.

Amazon already offers an app-based version of this service called Flow — the Dash device makes it easier for consumers to skip opening the app and jump right to the shopping. The Dash is also Amazon’s latest hardware entreaty to customers as it is trying to make it ever easier for customers to access and order for its massive online store on-the-go.

The Amazon Dash is available for $50 for members of Amazon’s $99-a-year Prime loyalty program.

In a separate but related story, Amazon has also announced new pricing for its grocery delivery service, Amazon Fresh.  Instead of $299 a year, it will cost $15 per month as an add-on for Prime members. All in, the math works out to $280 a year with the Prime membership. Amazon Fresh members can get the Amazon Dash for $20, with a $20 credit included.


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