Amazon To Modify Same-Day Delivery In Response To Accusations Of Racial Bias

After a bounty of less than favorable headlines last week — topped off by reports in Bloomberg that heavily indicated racial bias in Amazon’s same-day delivery availability — Amazon has declared that it will rectify this hole in its system.

“Very shortly, we will be expanding Prime Same Day Service to every zip code of the 27 cities where Prime Same Day delivery is currently launched,” Amazon said in the statement.

The plan has resolved to cease and desist rolling out Same Day delivery in cities until it can cover every zip code in the cities the service is available in right now. In the future it won’t add a city until it can cover all of the city.

According to reports last month, non-white citizen in  Dallas, Washington, Chicago and Atlanta were “about half as likely” to be eligible for the same-day delivery service as white residents, based on the neighborhoods where they lived.

According to a statement obtained by the Congressional Black Caucus, Amazon has made the pledge to fix the problem. The CBC says it will monitor the situation and has supported calls for an investigation by the FTC.

Amazon said that it’s still figuring out the details and is in the process or acquire last mile delivery for each of these zip codes. The firm notes “we should have 100 percent coverage shortly.”