Amazon And Whirlpool Join Up On Smart Tech

Washers (for clothes and dishes) and dryers have been getting more energy efficient for over a decade, but Amazon and Whirlpool want to make them “smarter” as well.

The two firms are joining forces to integrate the Amazon Dash button into various Whirlpool appliances — meaning that when the dryer sheets run low and detergent supplies run thin, the machines can order for themselves.

Home appliances get more high-tech every single year, which means they get better at doing their jobs and conserving energy in the process. But Whirlpool appliances are getting smarter and doing not just their jobs, but yours, too: Its 2016 line-up of smart dishwashers, top-load washers, and dryers can now order supplies you’re running low on thanks to Amazon Dash integration.

“Dash buttons are a great innovation, but a retrofit for people who don’t have smart appliances,” Whirlpool’s Ben Artis, senior manager of connected home products, told TechHive. “Our belief in the future and where we can take away some of those button presses, that’s the long-term vision for both of us [Amazon and Whirlpool].

Whirlpool is doing some field playing with IoT integration; they have also added Nest to their washers and dryer as well as to its smart kitchen suite of goods. That includes the Nest oven, which will actually prevent users from burning the house down by accidentally leaving their oven on.

Whirlpool will be showing off the new gadget line later this week at CES.


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