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Amazon’s Echo-Based Music Streaming Service May Be Coming Soon

Another day, another batch of Amazon-related rumors are a-swirling — this time, about the possibility of it making a more aggressive entry into the race for music streaming dominance.

Amazon is not entirely a novice in this field. It has offered a very basic streaming music service for a few years now, but it looks like the whole operation could be facing a makeover or upgrade.

Designed around Amazon’s devices specifically, the Echo-based Amazon streaming service could be coming soon to a branded speaker near you, according to reports in The Verge.

That, however, may merely be a baby step on the way to a fully designed Spotify/Apple Music competitor that will not be handcuffed to the Echo device. The Echo-only service will reportedly cost $5 a month, while the more expensive $10 per month option would work across any device.

Very early reports also indicated that the new service will be named Amazon Music Unlimited. That thrilling name was found by eagle-eyed journalists who noted an Amazon Music Unlimited banner and ad inside the Amazon music app on the Fire TV.

As for the remaining large — and unanswered — question: What will Amazon do with a streaming service that is an improvement that the service’s reigning champ, Spotify, and up-and-comer Apple aren’t also offering? The Echo device is a start perhaps, but thus far, the shape of the actual competition here remains a bit hazy.


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