Apple Debuts Credit Improvement Program For Declined Card Applicants

Apple is launching a “Path to Apple Card” program intended to help declined Apple Card applicants improve their credit worthiness, according to reports.

The program will start popping up as an optional method for those who want to get an Apple Card but didn’t have the required credit score.

Then, they can choose to opt in to a four-month program in which the information used by Goldman Sachs to determine credit worthiness is analyzed in order to help find ways to improve it so the user can be accepted at a later date.

Some of the methods for potential improvement could include resolving past-due balances, making payments on time to both secured and unsecured debt accounts, and lowering debt for credit cards and personal loans.

Reports say Apple has taken privacy into account, declining to retain identifying information or any more intimate details about a person’s personal financial situation, and Goldman Sachs will also not share any information with anyone.

Apple’s methods are more in-depth than traditional credit card companies, who are likely to send a much more brief explanation as to why an applicant was declined for a card.

The Apple Card has been a priority for the tech giant as of late as it tries to entice more customers to sign up, with the rolling out of installment plans to help people afford expensive Apple items like iPads, Macs, AirPods and more.

The installment plans will let Apple Card holders split up payments for a number of items over a period of months.

In addition, Apple has expanded zero percent interest financing for a number of its products as well. Initially offered for the iPhone in December, the company expanded the zero percent interest option to most of its other options, although the higher-priced ones such as the Mac or iPad Pro have 12 month financing instead.