PaySimple Supports Small Business With Starter Program

When creating a specific product for small businesses, the goal shouldn’t be to offer a striped-down version of your company’s core service. Instead, the goal should see those core services repackaged in such a way that even companies that are just getting starter can find them beneficial.  

That’s the basic philosophy behind PaySimple’s new Starter Program: an offering designed for small businesses and startups looking to handle their payments and business management all from one platform. Market Platform Dynamics’ CEO Karen Webster spoke with Eric Remer, CEO and founder of PaySimple, about his company’s new offering, and about how differentiation can address the issues of margin and scale.

“When we started the product called the Starter Program, one of the main goals was not to provide a slimmed-down version of the core product, but actually give organizations that are a little bit smaller than the core customers who utilize us full access to the full program, yet just charge them a bit more from a transaction standpoint,” Remer explained. “That way they get a full solution, and they’re able to interact with all of the tools that we provide all of our customers and really get benefit from it.”

According to Remer, the Starter Program is also a good fit for small businesses that are established, but that see under $3,500 a month in transactions. For businesses such as these, plus those that are just starting out, the Starter Program’s lower monthly fee of $14.95 (compared to $39.95 for their Pro Platform) provides advantages.

Remer said the Starter Program was created specifically after speaking with small businesses that loved the PaySimple platform, but weren’t sure it perfectly met their needs. 

“You know that’s exactly how and why we developed this product,” Remer said. “There’s a big segment of small businesses that are just getting started and they want a product like PaySimple, but they don’t necessarily want to invest a lot of dollars up front, even for a smaller product.

Getting them this tool at a very low entry point allows them to accomplish both their core processing payments needs, as well as their core infrastructure and management needs as well.”

To hear more Webster and Remer on PaySimple Starter Program, listen to the full podcast below.


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Eric Remer

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PaySimple

Eric Remer founded and currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PaySimple. PaySimple is the premier provider of on”demand receivable management solutions for small businesses. Prior to PaySimple, Eric founded Conclave Group where he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Conclave Group is a specialty media company that develops proprietary distribution networks designed to connect national retailers, service providers, and packaged good companies to hard-to-reach consumers.

Eric also co-founded and served as the Vice President of Business and Strategic Development for I-Behavior, a leading direct and database marketing organization that has developed the largest SKU-level co-operative marketing database in existence. Eric was responsible for raising capital, developing and managing the sales, finance, and business and strategic development departments.

Eric began his career working in investment banking at Kidder, Peabody & Company. He currently serves as an Advisor to I-Behavior, Inc. and as a Director to Surespeak Inc. and Summers Sprouted Flour Company.

Eric graduated with a B.A. in history from the University of Michigan.