Google Glass Launches “Stare For Fare” Visual Payments

Why tap or swipe when you can stare?

That seems to be Google’s latest strategy, as has learned of plans to embed sight-based payments technology in the new Google Glass product line.

Using NSC — or Near Sighted Communications — technology, Google Glass will allow consumers to purchase items simply by staring at them for 10 seconds or longer. Deemed the “Stare for Fare” platform, transactions will be made via Google Wallet, which will sync automatically with the Google Glass platform.

“Consumers don’t want to waste time pulling out cards, calling up apps on their phone or actually considering purchases before they make them,” a Google source told “People want to think about purchasing an item, and then want the ability to do so almost instantly, with little forethought or effort. That’s what ‘Stare for Fare’ technology is all about.”

From a retailer’s perspective, Google Glass can help to eliminate showrooming by literally eliminating a consumer’s ability to compare prices or items. The 10 second threshold means consumers would have to physically turn away from products they’re examining to prevent purchases: an extra step many will be unwilling to make.

“’Stare for Fare’ seems like a great way to combat all of this mobile phone nonsense to me,” said one marketing director for a mid-sized retail chain who wished to remain anonymous. “We’ve been high on NSC for a while, and this seems like a great use case for it.”

Google Glass is scheduled to launch in late 2013 with a starting price of $1,500.

*This article appeared in’s 2013 April Fools Newsletter.