InfoScout/PYMNTS Announce Results of Apple Pay Adoption Tracker at PYMNTS.COM Innovation Project,
the premier source of news and commentary on innovation in payments and
commerce in partnership with InfoScout, which provides real-world
analytics to make brands better marketers, announced the results of
their exclusive tracker on Apple Pay consumer adoption data at Innovation Project 2015, a thought leadership event for
payments executives.

The data is the result of InfoScout’s survey of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6
Plus users and is an update of a November survey that showed more than
91% of users who could pay with Apple Pay on Black Friday, didn’t.

The latest InfoScout/PYMNTS Apple Pay Adoption Tracker survey, conducted
in early March, shows that the number of users who could pay with Apple
Pay but did not, has decreased to 85%. While the updated results
continue to show low adoption, they also show that when people do try
it, more than half consider Apple Pay a significantly better check-out
experience than paying with a traditional credit or debit card. It also
showed that many of those who use Apple Pay love it so much they would
seek out a merchant that took it.

But, they’re still not using it as much as they can, because it’s
fighting the habit of using a traditional plastic card and they simply
forget. According to the InfoScout/PYMNTS Apple Pay Adoption Tracker,
82% of those who said they have tried Apple Pay say they use it whenever
they can, if they remember, but that is less than half the time.

“Apple Pay adoption is facing some primary challenges,” Jared Schrieber,
InfoScout Co-Founder and CEO said today at’s Innovation
Project. “The first is that most iPhone 6 users don’t understand how or
why they would use Apple Pay. The second is even though those that want
to use it, they are faced with overcoming the mental muscle memory as
using a traditional credit or debit card.”

It’s still an encouraging sign for Apple.

“Six months after release, this incredibly informative data shows some
encouraging things for Apple—usage is getting better and those who use
it love it so much they would make merchant choices based on whether
they accept it,” Karen Webster, CEO of said. “But Apple still
appears to be struggling to get beyond a small percent of early

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