CEO Series

CEO Series
For Consumers, Trust(Arc) And Verify
July 12, 2017

Wary of connected commerce — but nonetheless excited about IoT — consumers are conflicted about the tradeoff between privacy and security. In an interview with PYMNTS’ Karen Webster, Chris Babel, CEO of TrustArc, weighs in on the ways firms can give consumers choice in what...

CEO Series
Corporate Travel’s $1.25T Rewards Opportunity
July 10, 2017

Companies spend $1.25T, yes trillion, annually on business travel. So it’s no wonder they want to find ways to steer employees to spend less on their business trips. In the latest Topic TBD, Rocketrip CEO Dan Ruch explains how some of the biggest companies in the...

CEO Series
In Lending, Next-Day Payout Doesn’t Cut It
July 06, 2017

Online and alternative lending is satiating consumers’ need for speed when it comes to accessing finance. But, while an online loan decision may be near-instant, borrowers may still have to wait several days to actually see the money — and what’s the good in news...

CEO Series
Innovators: Avoid The Siren Song Of “What’s Hot”
July 05, 2017

How to innovate successfully in payments, where as a rule, complexity reigns? According to Applause CEO Doron Reuveni, among the best approaches is to focus less on “what’s hot” and more on the ever-evolving needs of the consumer.

CEO Series
Mitek’s CEO On Keeping The Right “Innovation Head Space”
June 27, 2017

Innovation in the tech industry moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it. In this week’s Commander in Chief series, we talk with Mitek Systems CEO James DeBello about how to keep the right...

CEO Series
How To Feed The Fraud Fighting Machine
June 22, 2017

How do machines learn to learn? In Episode Three of PYMNTS’ machine learning podcast, Socure CEO Sunil Madhu and PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster get technical as they explore the methods and processes that are making machines progressively smarter. In Episode Two, Madhu and Webster talked...

CEO Series
Meet The Identity Verification Robot
June 08, 2017

If the robot army is going to take over, identity verification might be one field humans should let them have. Socure’s artificial intelligence and machine learning tools can comb data for patterns faster and more accurately than humans to pick out synthetic or fake IDs...

CEO Series
The eDNA Of Digital Identity
January 14, 2016

Digital identities are the most underutilized tool in fighting financial crime and stopping it in real-time. So says Garrett Gafke, Global President & CEO of IdentityMind. Gafke recently told PYMNTS that digital identities are rich veins of information whose eDNA can restore integrity to the financial...

CEO Series
The Day In A Life Of A CFO
December 04, 2015

What’s it like to be the CFO of a payments company? It means wearing many hats, thinking strategically about investments, and working closely with every department of the company. It’s a cog in the wheel that keeps the company running on a day-to-day basis. But what...