Yahoo launches ‘Captain’ text message bot to help families manage to-do lists and reminders

Keeping everything in order for one person is hard enough. Between work, home and one’s social life, the amount of activities can rack up. Take that up a notch (or two…or three) by managing the schedules and lives of an entire family. It can be somewhat overwhelming to many people.

Hoping to ease those scheduling pain points is Yahoo with its latest product. Adding to the chatbot industry, the company unveiled an AI-based bot called Captain this week. With this new bot, Yahoo hopes to help families manage to-do lists, share activities and update shopping lists, by receiving reminders via text messages.

The company released a statement to help paint a picture of this new chatbot offering: “Gone are the days of interrupting your spouse’s workday with updated carpool information and fielding text messages from your kids about what they need from the store. And say goodbye to downloading apps to try and stay organized…Text Captain to remind your partner to pick up the kids on Friday at 11am or add ‘paper towels and sugar’ to the shopping list in real-time while they’re at the store. If you forget what’s on tap for the day, just ask Captain.”

While the entire chatbot is text message-based, Yahoo has confirmed there is no associated costs are for this offering and that standard text messaging rates will apply. There may also be the possibility that anyone hoping to use Captain may need to be a Yahoo mail user, but this has not been confirmed.

As there are already many free project management tools available, it’s not clear what will differentiate this product in the busy app marketplace.