GoTab Unveils ResTech Tools for Stadiums, Festivals

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Restaurant commerce platform GoTab has unveiled new capabilities that let “multi-operator locations” automate vendor payouts and streamline ordering.

According to a Monday (Aug. 22) news release emailed to PYMNTS, GoTab for Multi-Operator Locations gives vendors individualized control of menu management and reporting — along with direct payouts, including taxes and tips — on a daily basis.

“As guests flood back to food halls, stadiums, and other entertainment venues, they’ve come to expect the convenience of digital — fast, easy-to-use mobile ordering, one-touch payment, and more,” said GoTab co-founder and CEO Tim McLaughlin.

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Designed for entertainment venues, stadiums and festivals, GoTab said it creates a unified QR code ordering experience for vendors within a parent location, streamlining payment for guests and offering vendors more visibility, customization and sales transparency.

Individual vendors in those locations get access to their own dashboard, and they can craft a personalized menu of food offerings or retail products which is then shared with the parent location.

According to the release, guests can scan and order from a single QR code that showcases all of the vendors and their menus. From there, orders are routed to the respective vendors’ Kitchen Display System and/or printer for fulfillment. Once guests pay their tab, tips are parceled to each vendor in terms of percentage of sales.

As PYMNTS noted in a recent report, restaurants hoping to attract younger customers would do well to leverage QR codes, letting diners use their own devices to interact with menus and payment options.

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Research from “The Digital Divide: Technology, The Metaverse And The Future Of Dining Out,” created in collaboration with Paytronix, showed that 56% of Gen Z consumers said QR code menus have a positive impact on their dining experience, versus only 31% of consumers across age groups.

In an interview with PYMNTS earlier this month, Pete Balsavias, senior vice president, global commerce innovation at Mastercard, also said touchless ordering and payments via apps and QR codes have become “table stakes” at stadiums and venues.

“At a minimum, you need to be doing something in your app or on the ticket to engage in some way, and probably some campaign ahead of that to educate or engage,” he said. “Then it really depends on the site.”