Enhanced App Support From Vantiv

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Vantiv provides additional support to app developers with eProtect. Merchants using Android Pay with the Vantiv platform also have access to experts, reporting and analytic solutions.

Vantiv has announced support for developers to create solutions that will encourage customers to use Android Pay for goods and services payments with eProtect. EProtect is an end-to-end payment security solution that simplifies integration for merchants.

According to Spencer Spinnell, Google’s director of business development: “Integrating Android Pay with Vantiv’s solution, eProtect, will make it easier for even more businesses of all sizes to further streamline their checkout experience by offering their customer a simpler, faster in-app payment experience.”

Bill Cohn, head of eCommerce products at Vantiv, said: “We’re excited about our enhanced Android Pay support and close working relationship with Google … By leveraging eProtect, Vantiv reduces the integration effort for merchants, who get the highest level of security, while avoiding the need to handle or decrypt the Android Pay Network Token issued by the card networks. Merchants using Android Pay with our eCommerce platform can also take advantage of Vantiv iQ, our reporting and analytic solution, as well as our other value-added services.”

Vantiv is also offering other features for mobile app developers, such as the Mobile Accelerator Program for Android Pay from Vantiv. This program speeds up the deployment of Android Pay for merchants and ISVs already processing with Vantiv.

The Vantiv O.N.E. Developer Community for mobile payment products by Google provides resources to developers and is part of the TechTribe feature on Vantiv O.N.E. Another offering is Vantiv O.N.E. TechLift, which provides personalized payments expertise and is now including Android Pay.

Android Pay and mobile payments are key areas where Vantiv, with the Vantiv O.N.E. Google community, provides expert assistance to developers.



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