Le Bijou Hotel Offers ‘Quarantine Apartments’ For Up To 2K Per Night

Le Bijou Hotel Offers ‘Quarantine Apartments’

According to a report, Le Bijou Hotel & Resort is offering a COVID-19 pandemic vacation for the man or woman who otherwise has everything. Of course, you have to get there first. The luxury hospitality company has nine locations – all in Switzerland.

The hotel’s website says its quarantine package offers “hotel service, without the other hotel guests.” It might not sound like much fun at first – but then again, many people in America are already cooped up in their apartments, and often living in places where having fun in a public park is (technically) illegal.

Le Bijou advertises that its “apartments stand out because they can be operated without any staff.” This sure doesn’t sound like luxury, but that’s life in a world where even basic habits are … under quarantine.

According to published reports, the apartment-style accommodations cost $800 to $2,000 per night. Getting COVID-19 testing costs $500. Le Bijou’s pitch for the testing service is geared to downright scary times: “You don’t need to expose yourself to infected patients and hospital infections.” The costs go up from there, for health services such as visits from a nurse or even round-the-clock coverage.

All that adds up fast if you’re booking a two-week stay, which is the amount of time health officials recommend quarantining if you think you may have been exposed to the coronavirus.

And if you feel that your food can never be too safe, but still want to live in the lap of luxury, the COVID-19 package lets you “convert your Le Bijou apartment into a private health center.” That could mean adding food delivery or even a personal chef service, “all with utmost hygiene and under medical control.”

But don’t forget: the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends staying six feet from other people. The coronavirus is easily spread from other people, most notably through coughing and sneezing. Avoiding that is part of the draw for splurging on Le Bijou’s COVID-19 package – or simply for staying at home, away from most other people.