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EU Designates XNXX as a Very Large Online Platform Under Digital Services Act

 |  July 10, 2024

The European Union (EU) has designated the adult content platform XNXX as a Very Large Online Platform under its Digital Services Act (DSA). This designation, announced on Wednesday, reflects XNXX’s substantial user base, which averages 45 million monthly users within the EU.

The DSA mandates stringent requirements for VLOPs, aiming to ensure greater transparency and responsibility in digital services. Companies like XNXX are now obliged to share data with EU authorities and researchers, conduct comprehensive risk management and undergo rigorous external and independent audits under the DSA. These measures are designed to mitigate potential harms and promote safer online environments.

A significant aspect of the DSA is the provision for the European Commission to impose fines on companies that provide incorrect, incomplete or misleading information in response to data requests. This enforcement mechanism underscores the EU’s commitment to maintaining high standards of transparency and accountability.

XNXX now faces a four-month deadline to implement several protective measures for its users, with a particular emphasis on safeguarding minors. The platform must also address any systemic risks identified in its services. These requirements reflect the EU’s broader strategy to enhance digital safety and security across its member states.

This recent designation of XNXX follows a similar action in December 2023, when the EU classified three other adult content platforms — Pornhub, Stripchat, and XVideos — as VLOPs. The consistent application of these regulations highlights the EU’s proactive approach in regulating online content platforms and protecting users from potential risks.

Source: Reuters