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ACCC Calls for Action on Recalled LG Batteries

 |  October 15, 2023

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a stern warning to all households equipped with solar storage systems featuring LG-branded batteries. The ACCC emphasizes the need for immediate action to ensure the safety of homeowners, as they should promptly deactivate and cease using any affected LG batteries due to the severe risks they pose.

The ACCC has underlined the gravity of the situation, highlighting that these batteries have the potential to malfunction, putting individuals at serious risk of injury or even death. The primary concern revolves around the risk of these batteries overheating, ultimately leading to fire incidents.

This advisory follows LG’s initial recall announcement in February 2021, which targeted 7,200 batteries installed in LG, SolaX, and Opal home energy storage systems. Since then, the recall scope has expanded significantly, prompting the manufacturer to issue a widespread call to action. Now, LG urges all consumers with LG batteries in their solar energy storage systems to immediately power down these systems and refrain from using them until the necessary repairs or replacements have been made.

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The ACCC Deputy Chair, Catriona Lowe, stressed the importance of taking proactive measures, stating, “It is critically important that anyone with a solar energy storage system checks their battery’s serial number, as this recall has been updated to include new models, affected systems, and dates of manufacture.” She added, “Even if you don’t have an LG-branded solar storage system, you may still have an LG-branded battery that has been recalled. For peace of mind, check your system again and turn off your battery straight away if it has been recalled.”

The recall encompasses a broad range of solar storage system models, including LG-branded RESU systems, SolaX Power Station, SolaX X-Cabinet, Opal Storage, Redback SH5000, Red Earth Sunrise, Red Earth Drop Bear, Eguana Evolve, and VARTA Pulse Neo.

Source: Reuters