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Apple Challenges EU Tech Rules Over App Store Classification

 |  January 8, 2024

In a recent development, Apple has contested European Union (EU) tech rules that categorize its five App Stores as a single core platform service, subjecting them to what the tech giant claims are undue obligations. The challenge comes in response to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which came into effect in May of the previous year.

Apple, in its plea to the Luxembourg-based General Court, Europe’s second-highest court, asserted that the EU regulators had misconstrued and misapplied the legislation. The company accused the European Commission of making “material factual errors” by concluding that Apple’s five App Stores constitute a single core platform service.

The iPhone maker argued that it operates distinct App Stores tailored for iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches. Each store is designed to distribute apps specific to the corresponding operating system and Apple device. Apple contends that the EU’s characterization fails to acknowledge these individualized functionalities.

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Furthermore, Apple disputed the characterization of its operating system, iOS, as a crucial gateway for business users to reach end users. The company challenged the interoperability obligation linked to this label. Apple emphasized the unique features of its operating system and how it facilitates diverse user experiences across its range of devices.

The legal challenge, initiated by Apple in November of the previous year, sheds light on the evolving dynamics between major tech corporations and regulatory bodies.

Source: Reuters