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Apple Commits to Right to Repair, Backs Nationwide Legislation

 |  October 24, 2023

In a significant move towards enhancing consumer rights and promoting fair competition, Apple is set to announce a groundbreaking initiative on Tuesday.

The tech giant will make essential parts, tools, and repair documentation for its products accessible to independent repair shops and consumers across the United States at equitable prices. This announcement comes as part of President Joe Biden’s broader effort to empower consumers, curb additional charges, and boost competition in the market, reported Reuters.

Lael Brainard, Director of the National Economic Council, revealed this initiative in a prepared statement for a White House event focusing on the “right to repair” issue. Brainard urged Congress to pass legislation that mandates companies to provide the resources necessary for repairs nationwide.

This push aligns with President Biden’s broader agenda, targeting excessive fees and practices that increase costs for consumers, aiming to grant consumers more control over repairing their possessions, whether it’s a smartphone or a tractor.

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Several states, including California, Colorado, New York, and Minnesota, have already enacted right-to-repair laws. Moreover, 30 other states have introduced similar legislation.

Apple not only supports the idea of a nationwide right-to-repair law but has also endorsed California’s legislation. This law obliges companies to furnish independent repair shops and consumers with the required parts, tools, and documentation for fixing electronic devices and appliances at reasonable and just prices, a policy Apple pledges to implement nationwide.

Apple’s commitment to this initiative marks a significant shift. The tech giant, known for its sleek yet intricate designs, had faced criticism from right-to-repair advocates who argued that their products were challenging to fix, with inadequate support.

However, in recent years, Apple has altered its stance, emphasizing the durability and resale value of its devices. It has also taken steps to facilitate repairs and spare part accessibility, reflecting a commitment to consumer empowerment and promoting sustainability.

Source: Reuters