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Australian Court Finds Dell Australia Guilty of Misleading Customers

 |  August 14, 2023

Dell Australia has been ordered to pay a hefty A$10 million ($6.46 million) penalty for misrepresenting prices and inflating discounts on its website for add-on computer monitors. The tech giant received a guilty verdict from the Federal Court in June after enticing customers with false or overstated savings.

“This outcome sends a strong message to businesses that making false representations about prices or inflating discounts is a serious breach of consumer law and will attract substantial penalties,” said Liza Carver, Commissioner of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

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The Federal Court found that Dell Australia had sold over 5,300 add-on monitors with sizeable discounts between August 2019 and December 2021. In order to settle with affected customers, Dell Australia will provide appropriate refunds, plus interest, and take measures to improve and uphold honest pricing processes in the future.

This type of behavior violates Australian consumer law and the results have proven to be costly ones for Dell Australia. In saying this, our laws exist to protect customer rights, and these rulings stand as an example of the justice system at its best.

Source: Reuters