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Canada Opens Fiber Networks to Independent ISPs

 |  November 7, 2023

Canada’s national telecommunications regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), has made a significant announcement at the Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto.

The CRTC revealed its decision to allow independent competitors to offer internet services over the large telephone companies’ fibre networks in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

This move comes as part of an ongoing review of third-party access to fibre networks, with the primary objective of enhancing competition and reducing prices for consumers.

In March, the CRTC had initiated this review and concurrently announced a 10% reduction in wholesale internet rates. The review also included a rapid investigation into whether major telecom companies should provide access to their fibre-to-home networks for smaller competitors.

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By taking this step, the CRTC aims to stabilize the market and bolster consumer rights in the telecommunications sector. The decision to open up access to fibre networks for independent competitors is expected to have a substantial impact on the choices and affordability available to consumers. It levels the playing field by enabling smaller players to provide internet services over the networks of large telecom companies, fostering healthy competition within the industry.

This move is set to benefit both consumers and smaller service providers, promoting a more competitive and dynamic telecommunications landscape in Ontario and Quebec.

Source: Gillett News