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Computer Says No – Will Fairness Survive In The Age Of AI?

 |  August 4, 2023

By: TechQuake (Herbert Smith Freehills)

In the latest of our TechQuake series, we explore how emerging regulation will tackle ethical dilemmas as artificial intelligence spreads across borders and industries

Hollywood has colourful notions about artificial intelligence (AI). The popular image is a future where robot armies spontaneously turn to malevolence, pitching humanity in a battle against extinction. Among scholars and technologists focusing on the sector, such visions are derisively dubbed, ‘The Terminator Scenario’. In reality, the risks posed by AI today are more insidious and harder to unpick, often a by-product of the technology’s seemingly endless application in modern society, as opposed to the possibility that computers will one day seize control of our lives. But it is unsurprising given the scope of its potential that AI generates so much debate, not least in how we can build regulatory safeguards to ensure we master the technology, rather than surrender control to systems and diminish the accountability on which society rests.