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EU Raids Construction Chemical Firms Amid Collusion Concerns

 |  October 17, 2023

European Union antitrust regulators have taken action against several companies operating in the construction chemicals sector on suspicion of collusion and a breach of the bloc’s cartel rules. The firms, which have not been publicly named, are now under scrutiny as the European Commission carries out a preliminary investigation.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the European Commission clarified that the companies in question specialize in the production of chemical additives for cement, as well as chemical admixtures for concrete and mortar. These products are vital components in the construction industry, used to enhance the properties of building materials.

The raids are considered a preliminary step in the investigation, with the possibility of formal proceedings against the companies looming if sufficient evidence emerges to substantiate their violation of the European Union’s antitrust regulations. It is important to note that the raids themselves are not indicative of guilt, but rather a measure taken to gather information and investigate possible breaches.

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At this stage, the Commission has refrained from disclosing the identities of the firms subjected to these surprise inspections. This move is in line with established investigative protocols designed to protect the integrity of the ongoing inquiry.

The coordinated raids were conducted in collaboration with national competition authorities from the 27-member EU, the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority, and the Turkish Competition Authority. This joint effort underscores the gravity of the situation and the determination of antitrust authorities to ensure compliance with European Union competition regulations within the construction chemicals sector.

Source: EC Europa