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EU Probes Social Media Company X for Potential DSA Violations

 |  December 18, 2023
The European Union (EU) has initiated an investigation into social media company X over suspected breaches of obligations, marking the first probe under the Digital Services Act (DSA).
The inquiry, launched in response to posts following Hamas’ attacks on Israel, focuses on X’s compliance with the DSA, which came into force in November of the previous year.

The DSA mandates very large online platforms and search engines to take more robust measures against illegal content and potential threats to public security. The investigation aims to scrutinize the company’s efforts in countering the dissemination of illegal content within the EU, evaluating the effectiveness of measures, such as the recently introduced “Community Notes” system, reported Reuters.

X introduced the “Community Notes” feature earlier this year, enabling users to comment on posts to identify and flag false or misleading content. This system essentially shifts fact-checking responsibilities to users, diverging from the conventional approach of relying on dedicated fact-checking teams.

The probe will also delve into various aspects of the company’s operations, including data access provided to researchers. Recent reports indicate that social media researchers have had to cancel, suspend, or modify over 100 studies related to X due to actions taken by its owner, Elon Musk, limiting access to the platform.

While emphasizing that the investigation does not imply guilt, a senior EU official stated, “The step that we are taking today does not find X guilty of an infringement, or conclude that X has actually infringed the DSA but merely states that we have significant ground to investigate these areas in detail.”

In response, X has expressed its commitment to complying with the DSA and has affirmed its cooperation with the regulatory process. In a statement issued on Monday, the company emphasized the importance of keeping the process free from political influence and ensuring adherence to the law.

“It is important that this process remains free of political influence and follows the law,” X stated.

The outcome of this investigation could set a precedent for how social media platforms are held accountable under the Digital Services Act, reflecting the EU’s dedication to ensuring a secure online environment while respecting freedom of expression.

Source: Reuters