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European Commission Backs FIFA’s Football Agents Regulation

 |  October 31, 2023

The Football Agents Regulation (FFAR), which took effect on October 1, has faced controversy but received a significant boost from the European Commission (EC) during a presentation at the European Court of Justice.

The EC acknowledged that sports governing bodies like FIFA have discretion in regulating their respective sports, particularly when core sporting activities are at stake.

The EC also recognized the substantial influence of football agents on club transfers and their consequential impact on sporting competition. This recognition has solidified FIFA’s authority to impose a licensing system for football agents, ensuring international standards for professional and ethical conduct.

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According to documents accessible to MARCA, the EC maintains that any competition restrictions enforced by the FFAR are justified, serving legitimate objectives, including preserving contractual stability, reducing conflicts of interest, and protecting less-experienced players within the transfer system.

The EC’s support strengthens the FFAR’s credibility and FIFA’s efforts to standardize the role of football agents, promising greater transparency and fairness in player transfers. This development will benefit clubs, agents, and players alike.

Source: AMP Marca