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European Commission Pressures Apple and Google for Transparency

 |  December 14, 2023

The European Commission has taken a stern stance on technology giants Apple and Google, urging them to clarify their risk management practices related to their online app purchasing platforms. The request is made under the recently implemented Digital Services Act (DSA), which places stringent regulations on major tech companies.

In a statement released on Thursday, the EU executive explained that it has requested additional information from Apple and Google regarding how they have identified and managed systemic risks associated with their respective platforms, the App Store and Google Play. Both companies have been given until January 15 to provide comprehensive responses.

The scrutiny is part of a broader examination of over a dozen of the world’s largest tech firms, a group facing unprecedented legal challenges since the DSA came into effect earlier this year. The DSA introduces significant obligations for companies, compelling them to address issues such as illegal content and online security risks.

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The European Commission’s inquiries extend beyond mere risk identification. Transparency-related concerns tied to recommender systems and online advertisements are also on the table, further indicating the EU’s commitment to fostering a transparent and secure digital environment for consumers, reported Reuters.

If Apple and Google fail to meet the January 15 deadline or if their responses are deemed insufficient, the European Commission has signaled that potential next steps could involve the initiation of formal proceedings. This implies that the Commission is prepared to take legal action if it deems the companies non-compliant with the DSA regulations.

The ongoing scrutiny of major tech companies reflects the EU’s determination to ensure that digital platforms adhere to stringent standards regarding user safety, data protection, and overall online ecosystem health. As these giants navigate the complexities of the DSA, the tech industry and its regulators are likely to witness further developments that could shape the future landscape of online services in the European Union.

Source: Reuters