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European Union Lawmakers Make Progress on AI Regulations

 |  October 25, 2023

European Union lawmakers have reached a crucial consensus on a key component of the new rules governing artificial intelligence. This breakthrough occurred during a late-night meeting on Tuesday, according to sources familiar with the ongoing negotiations. The advancement brings the EU closer to finalizing the comprehensive AI Act, reported Reuters.

The AI Act, which had undergone two years of rigorous negotiations, gained approval from the European Parliament back in May. However, the draft AI rules now necessitate a consensus between the Parliament and EU member states. This negotiation process, known as the trilogue, is essential for shaping the final versions of the laws.

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During Tuesday’s meeting, which extended until midnight, lawmakers managed to overcome one of the major hurdles by reaching agreement on most aspects of Article 6 of the draft AI Act. Sources closely involved in the discussions refrained from disclosing specific details of the agreement due to the confidential nature of the talks. They also opted to remain anonymous.

Article 6 assumes particular significance as it defines the categories of AI systems that will be classified as “high risk.” These high-risk systems will be subject to more stringent regulatory oversight. In recent debates, the focus had centered on the question of whether certain high-risk AI models, particularly those involved in “purely accessory” tasks, should be exempted from these regulations.

A high-risk AI system may be characterized as purely accessory when it performs relatively minor tasks, subsidiary to human decision-making. Examples include activities such as organizing documents or translating text between languages.

Source: Reuters