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Former Director of Korea Fair Trade Commission Joins Yoon & Yang as Partner

 |  August 6, 2023

Korean Big Six law firm Yoon & Yang has welcomed Hee Jae Lee as a new partner in Seoul to bolster their existing Antitrust & Competition practice group.

With 18 years of experience at the KFTC, Lee brings a wealth of pertinent legal knowledge covering cartel investigations, dominance issues, subcontracting, franchise businesses, large retail businesses, labeling and advertising and standardized terms, reported Legal Business Online. 

As the former Director of the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC), Lee has a history of tackling complex antitrust issues. One example is her investigation into a potential collaboration between Korean instant noodle producers, which earned her the title of “Employee of the Year” at the KFTC in 2012.

In other news, Yoon & Yang has made eight senior lawyer hires in the past 10 months. These plus Lee make the Antitrust & Competition practice group a powerhouse of over 50 legal professionals, many of whom possess previous experience from the KFTC.

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Other notable hirings include shipping finance specialist Elayne Heeseung Sung and corporate expert Irene Y. Kim, who both joined in May from Lee & Ko and Samsung Electronics, respectively.

“We are happy to have Hee Jae Lee join our team,” commented Jeong-woon Chang, Senior Partner at Yoon & Yang. “Her extensive antitrust expertise and long track record of intricately resolving complex cases should greatly benefit our growing legal professionals.”

Lee is equally enthused by her new role. “I am thrilled to be part of the Antitrust & Competition practice group,” said Lee. “I look forward to introducing my skills and expertise to the team at Yoon & Yang, and helping to shape the future of their Antitrust & Competition practice group.”

Source: Legal Business Online