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Google Faces Dutch Lawsuit for Constant Surveillance and Sharing of Personal Data

 |  September 12, 2023

On Tuesday, the Dutch Consumers’ Association Consumentenbond and the Privacy Protection Foundation have taken legal action against Google for privacy violations.

According to Reuters, both organizations have demanded that Google, part of Alphabet , “stop its constant surveillance and sharing of personal data through online advertising auctions” and pay 750 euro ($804) in damages. “for every consumer who has used Google”.

The legal proceedings were announced back in May, 2023, and in just a few weeks the amount of people involved with this lawsuit has already reached 82,000.

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Magdalena Sutton, a legal inspector in the Consumentenbond said: “Google has been disregarding consumers’ privacy for years. We want to see an end to the constant surveillance and exploitation of personal data through their online advertising auctions.”

The Privacy Protection Foundation also stated an urge for action against Google, claiming: “We have been observing how Google has been constantly disrespecting people’s privacy and exploiting their data and that has to stop.”

Source: Reuters