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Google Reverses Crypto Ad Ban: Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts Now Admissible

 |  December 12, 2023

Google has announced that advertisers promoting Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts will now be able to showcase their products on the platform. This marks a notable shift from the stance adopted five years ago when the tech giant implemented a blanket ban on the advertisement of all cryptocurrency-related products.

The updated advertising policy, disclosed in a recent release, stems from new criteria established through Google’s certification process. The primary goal is to equip cryptocurrency users with comprehensive information, enabling them to make well-informed decisions. Once the policy takes effect, Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts will be permitted to create and display advertisements on Google. However, direct promotions involving the purchase, holding, or swapping of cryptocurrencies remain strictly prohibited.

Google’s definition of Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts encompasses financial products that enable investors to trade shares in trusts holding diverse digital currency pools. This expansion also encompasses businesses that accept virtual currencies for payments or sell mining hardware. Advertisers falling under these categories can now promote their offerings on Google, provided they adhere to the existing Google Ads regulations.

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The move is seen as a response to the evolving landscape of the cryptocurrency market and reflects a more nuanced approach by Google. The company aims to strike a balance between facilitating advertisement opportunities for legitimate players in the crypto space and safeguarding users from potential risks associated with direct crypto transactions.

The certification process introduced by Google is expected to act as a safeguard, ensuring that advertisers meet specific criteria to protect users from misleading or harmful information. By permitting ads related to Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts and associated businesses, Google aims to foster transparency and provide users with the necessary information to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrencies.

Source: Tech Next 24