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Google’s ‘Bard’ Chatbot Supports DOJ in Antitrust Trial Against Search Giant

 |  November 5, 2023

Google’s AI chatbot, known as “Bard,” has expressed support for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in the ongoing antitrust trial against Google, reported The New York Post.

The chatbot, described as a “large language model” trained on extensive internet data, criticized Google for allegedly wielding illegal “monopoly power” that has had a detrimental impact on consumers. This analysis was conducted by The Washington Post.

The analysis involved questioning Bard about over 700 words extracted directly from the DOJ attorney Kenneth Dintzer’s opening statement on September 12. In this statement, Dintzer outlined the government’s case for why Google’s dominance in the online search market should be challenged and potentially dismantled.

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When asked whether it agreed or disagreed with the DOJ’s arguments, Bard aligned itself with the federal prosecutors, stating that the evidence presented by the U.S. government clearly demonstrates that Google has “illegally used its monopoly power to maintain its dominance in the online search market.”

Bard, which has faced recent controversies for inaccuracies in its statements, responded to a query last week by asserting that Google’s “lack of innovation has led to lower quality search results for users.”

“I believe that the Justice Department should prevail in this case,” Bard declared. “If Google is found to have violated antitrust laws, the court should order Google to change its business practices and make it easier for other search engines to compete. This would lead to more competition in the online search market and lower prices for consumers.”

Source: NY Post