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Italy’s Antitrust Regulator Issues Warning to Rome, Milan, and Naples on Taxi Licensing

 |  November 5, 2023
Italy’s Antitrust Authority has issued a warning to the municipal councils of Rome, Milan, and Naples regarding the current state of taxi services in their cities. The authority has called on the councils to address the growing scarcity of taxis and the difficulties faced by users when trying to book a taxi.

In recent times, Italy’s major cities have experienced a notable shortage of available taxis, making it increasingly challenging for residents and visitors to secure transportation services. Recognizing this issue, the Antitrust Authority has taken action by sending a report to the aforementioned municipalities, outlining the deficiencies in the provision of taxi services.

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The Antitrust Authority’s statement highlights the adverse impact of these shortcomings on the quality and efficiency of taxi services, ultimately to the detriment of users. The authority has called on the councils to take swift measures to adjust the number of taxi licenses to better meet the demand for these services.

The warning serves as a call to action for the municipalities of Rome, Milan, and Naples, emphasizing the importance of aligning taxi licensing with the current demand for services.

Source: ANSA