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JetBlue Airways Files Complaint Against Netherlands and EU Over Airport Cap

 |  October 3, 2023

U.S. carrier JetBlue Airways has taken a bold step by filing a formal complaint against the Netherlands and the European Union with the U.S. Department of Transportation. The complaint centers on the Dutch government’s recent decision to restrict air traffic at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, a move that has sparked controversy within the aviation industry.

The Dutch government’s decision, made earlier this month, revolves around its determination to curb the number of flights operating at Schiphol Airport in the coming year. The primary objective is to reduce noise pollution, a goal that has garnered significant support but has also stirred heated opposition, particularly from flag carrier KLM and various airline industry groups.

JetBlue did not mince words in its complaint, stating that the Dutch government’s actions directly contravene the U.S.-EU Air Transport Agreement. The heart of the matter lies in the cap imposed on the number of flights, which will be limited to 452,500 per year. This represents a nearly 10% reduction from 2019 levels and falls short of a prior proposal to cap flights at 460,000.

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One critical consequence of this cap is its impact on new entrants like JetBlue. The airline contends that this move effectively closes the market at Schiphol Airport to newcomers, rendering it impossible for them to establish a presence. In their words, carriers with an established history at Schiphol will face a 4% reduction in capacity, while new entrants like JetBlue will be entirely excluded from the market, facing a 100% expulsion.

JetBlue argues that such an outcome is neither fair nor proportionate, despite assurances from the Dutch government to the contrary. Their stance underlines the challenges faced by airlines attempting to break into established markets and compete with longstanding players.

The controversy surrounding the cap at Schiphol Airport has prompted legal action from various airlines, including Air France-KLM. They argue that this restriction will have detrimental effects on their businesses and violate previous agreements in place. As one of Europe’s busiest airports, Schiphol’s fate holds broader implications for the aviation industry in the region.

Source: Reuters