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Mexico Takes Action Against Alleged Monopolistic Practices in Medicinal Oxygen Market

 |  October 27, 2023

In a recent announcement, Mexican antitrust watchdog Cofece notified various economic agents of a statement of probable responsibility, alleging that they have abused their dominant positions to engage in anticompetitive practices in the market for the production, distribution, and sale of medicinal oxygen and related services across the country.

These alleged anticompetitive behaviors, collectively referred to as “relative monopolistic practices,” have been detailed in the statement of probable responsibility issued by Cofece’s investigative arm.

This development marks the launch of a trial-like procedure, where the accused parties will have the chance to assert their rights, present evidence, and make arguments in their defense.

Following this procedure, the Board of Commissioners of Cofece will make a determination in accordance with the law.

If the existence of relative monopolistic practices is proven, the Commission has the authority to order remedies and other steps to eliminate these behaviors, with penalties including fines of up to 8% of the offending company’s annual income