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Mexico’s President Vows to Eliminate Antitrust Watchdog

 |  December 14, 2023

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated his commitment to eliminating Mexico’s antitrust watchdog and other sector regulators during Monday’s morning conference. He labeled these autonomous bodies as “useless” and accused them of being a burden on resources, describing them as “superfluous expenses.”

In his address, President López Obrador expressed his determination to initiate a comprehensive administrative reform, advocating for the dissolution of supposedly autonomous organizations. He argued that these entities, meant to be independent, do not serve the people but rather cater to minority interests. Emphasizing the government’s responsibility to ensure collective well-being, he criticized the regulators for allegedly favoring oligarchies.

“We need to carry out an administrative reform; all these supposedly autonomous bodies must disappear. They are ‘supposedly autonomous’ because they do not serve the people and are at the service of minorities,” warned the federal leader. He underscored the necessity of making adjustments and assured that he would present the initiative to extinguish these entities before the end of his term.

While expressing his desire for the swift elimination of these bodies due to their financial implications, President López Obrador acknowledged that time constraints would only allow him to submit the initiative to the Union Congress. This implies that the resolution of this contentious issue may fall into the hands of the next legislative session, set to commence in 2024.

Source: Infobae