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Netherlands and UN Collaborate on European AI Oversight Project

 |  October 5, 2023

The Netherlands and the United Nations have joined forces to launch a groundbreaking project aimed at equipping Europe’s national agencies with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively supervise artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

According to Reuters, this initiative, conducted in collaboration with the support of the European Commission, is poised to have a profound impact on the forthcoming AI Act, which is expected to regulate AI usage across Europe.

Under this project, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will spearhead efforts to gather comprehensive information on the current AI supervision methods employed by European countries. In addition, UNESCO will compile a comprehensive list of “best practices” recommendations to ensure responsible and effective AI oversight. Assisting UNESCO in these crucial tasks is the Dutch digital infrastructure agency (RDI), which will facilitate communication and collaboration with national working groups from various European nations.

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Gabriela Ramos, a representative of UNESCO, emphasized the global significance of this initiative, stating, “What we learn here, I promise you, is going to be informing many discussions that are happening at the very same time everywhere around the world.” UNESCO, known for its influential ethical guidelines on AI introduced in 2021, has seen these guidelines adopted by all 193 member states, even though they lack legal binding.

Nathalie Berger, who heads the European Union body responsible for helping member states enact reforms, disclosed that the AI Act is set to be passed this year. However, it will take an additional two years for the legislation to become fully effective. She emphasized the critical role of effective supervision in ensuring the practical implementation of AI technologies, stating, “Supervision is absolutely key to make sure that everything works well in practice.”

This collaborative effort between the Netherlands, UNESCO, and the European Commission is expected to pave the way for responsible and effective AI governance across Europe, setting a precedent for the rest of the world to follow.

Source: Consent Yahoo