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New Zealand Competition Watchdog Keeps Power To Regulate Mobile Roaming

 |  August 30, 2023

After conducting a thorough consultation on the potential impacts of removing existing regulations for domestic mobile roaming, New Zealand’s competition regulator has decided to leave the regulations in place.

The Commerce Commission announced that it will continue to be able to regulate mobile roaming and that the current regulations remain an important measure for keeping the mobile telecommunications markets competitive.

Local laws require the Commission to review its position every five years, and, according to Telecommunications Commissioner Tristan Gilbertson, the regulator doesn’t yet believe that “the telecommunications market has developed to such an extent that roaming regulation is no longer necessary to safeguard new entry and promote competitive outcomes in the market.”

Gilbertson further explained the importance of national roaming, noting that coverage is the key factor that allows retailers to provide a competitive mobile service and that roaming policies are what enable third-party providers (like 2degrees) to broaden their network and offer services across the country. “National roaming has been critical to the development of New Zealand’s mobile market”, he said.

The Commission’s decision to keep roaming regulations in place is likely a reassuring one for consumers, who can continue to expect a competitive mobile market with access to quality services from third-party providers across the country.

Source: Mobile World Live